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Proudly featuring America's "Best Value" Hair Cutting Scissors & Shears

America's "Best Value" Hair Cutting Scissors & Shears

How do you buy the “BEST” hair cutting shear?  Everybody claims to be the best, or most popular or what-ever.  More important is the “best value.”

Most people want to pay the least amount to stay inside their budget.  That leaves you with a search for the “best value.”

Here is what comprises the “Best Value”:

1. Quality steel – a low quality steel will not stand the test of time.  It will not stay sharp causing you to spend more on sharpening services than you would pay if you had a quality steel.

2. Craftsmanship – Most scissors today are manufactured with a combination of  “machined” components and then “hand finished.”  It is important to have both quality machining and superb craftsmanship to have a shear that is truly going to fit your hand and feel good while you cut your client’s hair.

3. Warranty – Things can go wrong from time to time, so it is important to have an unlimited warranty to protect your investment.

3. Satisfaction Guarantee – Your safest purchase is online if you have a satisfaction guarantee.  buying from a traveling sales person can leave you stuck with a pair of shears that is defective or not suited for your cutting style.

All combined with a price that is not inflated to give some unneeded benefit or some “hype” from the seller is the value of buying from America’s “Best Value” hair cutting scissors and shears.  You are guaranteed to love your Musashi or Sayuri shears!

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